Stucco Italiano Additives :: Marble Powders


Very few marble powders are appropriate to make a good marmorino/Polished Plaster.  This depends on the colour and shape of the granules after it has been ground.


Stucco Italiano offers 2 kinds of marble powder:

  • Fine for Marmorino Veneziano Classic
  • Coarse for Marmorino Veneziano Carrara
  • Marble powder FINE 2 kg bags
  • Marble powder COARSE 2 kg bags
When to use Marble Powders

The best option to make texture less Marmorino/Polished Plaster is to add marble powder to the first and second coats. Add up to 2kg powder per 24kg bucket.

Adding marble powder allows the material to shrink when drying, giving a smooth first and second coat. Marble powders do not change the colour of the material.

Powders are added to the first coat allowing the material to be applied thicker thus suitable on rough backgrounds.