Stucco Italiano Additives :: Salt and Pepper Sand

Special silica sand to produce a salt and pepper effect, the unique particle-size is specifically for use with our Marmorino Carrara Venetian plaster. If normal quartz sand which has a much finer particle size were added, it would give the material a grey colour.


  • Bags of 0.48 kg.
Where to use.
It is only for use with our Marmorino Veneziano Carrara Venetian plaster.

How to use
For Marmorino Carrara. We recommended one sack of silica sand to one 24 kg container of Marmorino Carrara. This is used during the second and third coat.


For Marmorino Veneziano Classic: Pour 2 bags of sand into a container of Carrara and apply this as the first coat.


Wait until the material is 50% dry and smooth out the surface with our sponge float (the right time to do that is easy to judge).


Let it dry completely (24 hours), and then finish it with two coats of Marmorino Veneziano Classic. For this finish, it is strongly recommended that you use Quartz Primer before applying the first coat so that the substrate is rough enough to work well with the sponge float.