Stucco Italiano Additives :: White Dye Powder

White powder colourant. Its composition is Titanium dioxide and is available in 1kg bags.


Where to use

It is used to make almost any wall plaster or paint whiter.

It can be mixed with our wax to brighten marmorino polished plaster (Intonachino or Chamois) or to obtain special glazing effects.


It can be mixed with varnish or turpentine to lighten wood and make the grain of the wood visible.

How to use Powders

For Marmorino Velvet or other polished plasters, add 0.5 to 1.0kg per 24kg bucket during mixing. It’s not recommended for use with Marmorino Veneziano Carrara or Marmorino Veneziano Classic (Venetian Plaster).


If you use it to lighten Marmorino Venetian plaster which has already been coloured, be sure that the sum of the weight of the colourant which has already been added and the weight of the colourant do not exceed 10% of the weight of the Marmorino. 10% is the critical threshold level of colourant to marmorino.


In wax, mix a little powder in at a time. Test it before use to be sure that you have added enough powder to obtain the desired look and to be sure that once it dries, it doesn’t lose its white colour when polished.

Special Effects

If it is used with Venetian Marmorino (Classic and Carrara), a delicate, nuance of grey is obtained. This occurs because titanium, which is a very hard pigment, scrapes the steel from the trowel which is then deposited on the finish. The amount of gray depends on the quantity of titanium powder in the plaster. Since white marmorino can seem too flat, this effect is sometimes sought-after to add a sense of movement.