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Of all the marmorinos for walking surfaces, this is the strongest. It is particularly indicated for public areas because of its strength and durability, but is also an excellent choice for private homes for its elegance.


It’s ideal for a minimalist environment because of smooth, uninterrupted continuity. It has a satin appearance with soft light and dark shadings.



Enforced marmorino is an extremely versatile material

It has a wide range of application over a variety of different substrates. The ideal substrate is that normally used for parquet, but can easily be applied on virtually every kind of flooring.


Besides applying it to floors, it is also suitable for application on walls, and even on tiles in a bathroom or kitchen. For all of these reasons it is often the finish of choice when renovating a variety of settings: Stores, bathrooms and offices. It is made with lime, cement, marble and quartz sand and epoxy resin. Suitable for interior and exterior design.