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Polished Plaster

This is a variation of Marmorino Veneziano Classic polished plaster. The metallic effect is obtained by the addition of a large quantity of fine varicoloured metallic powder instead of the usual marble powder. This polished plaster finish has a soft-looking effect which changes depending on the refraction of light against the surface and your point of reference.



The product base is white and is standard tinted in three colours: Gold, Silver and Copper, but the colour can be changed slightly with addition of small amounts of our universal colour. This polished plaster is only for use on interior surfaces.


Metallic Marmorino" decorative plaster is the most recent decorating product composed of micro-filtered aged slacked lime putty carefully mixed with a series of prestigious shot-powders- mica powder- with silver, golden and bronze effect.


The care of mixing these powders produces a stucco polished plaster paste ready to use able to satisfy many kinds of finishing needs due to the many methods of application.


This product is of a superior fineness, aimed at prestigious indoor decorations and the main characteristic is the reflection in its satin half-bright finishing. The application of more fine coats is possible on many different kinds of surfaces, after an appropriate under-coat smoothed with the stainless steel spatula.


Product Information

Marmorino Metallic Polished Plaster Finish from Stucco Italiano

Aged finely filtered slacked lime putty, marble powder, mica and metallic powder, acrylic binder and other additives (no more than 2,5% total in wet volume).


  • 24 kg net polyethylene containers
  • 8 kg net polyethylene containers
  • Shelf life 24 months
  • Product maintains its characteristics best if protected from extreme heat or cold


None. Ready-to-use paste.


3 hours at 20°C (68°F) to the touch. Carbonation 48 hours at 20°C (68°F).

Fully dry in 180 days.


Shelf life is 24 months. Product maintains its characteristics best if protected from extreme heat or cold.


Lime products are caustic. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. Product must be disposed of according to norms and regulations in force. Containers must be recycled.

Theoretical yield

0.45–0.5 kg material per m2

Top of two coats of Marmorino Veneziano Classic.