Stucco Italiano Materials :: Natural Flooring Marmorino


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There are many examples of lime-based plaster floor applications in keeping with the Venetian tradition. Starting with this antique technique, we have combined an application technique with a material to achieve an excellent compromise which retains the esthetics of antique marmorino while adding the durability modern day living demands.

This finish is suitable for use in areas where you want natural materials and simple lines. For this reason, it’s ideal for a minimalist environment because of smooth, uninterrupted continuity.



Where is Natural Marmorino suitable for use?

Bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, hallways, or bedrooms. Care must be taken to avoid damaging it as you would for any other floor made of wood, tile or soft stone. It is naturally non-slip surface, but special anti-slip treatments are possible. It has a smooth, lightly polished finish which has a transparent look. Cleaning is extremely easy.


The final effect depends on the protective treatment. Linseed oil gives it the most natural appearance and is the more common final treatment. A polyurethane varnish gives the surface a stronger finish which is more difficult to scratch and can have a satin to glossy finish. However, the presence of varnish may look unnatural to the trained eye.


Because this flooring is delicate, it is not recommended for use in public areas. It can be damaged by falling objects or scratched easily if heavy objects are dragged over its surface.


This finish looks similar to those found traditionally in Asiatic countries (India, Sri Lanka).