Stucco Italiano Training & Application

Stucco Italiano Training & Application


What is covered on the courses:

  • The correct methods for applying specialist finishes.
  • How to colour the materials correctly and how to customised colours.
  • Make finishes varying from highly polished to unique textures.
  • Work with 2 or more colours.
  • Finish edges correctly.
  • How to finish columns.
  • Special effects, with a variety of methods.
  • Advice on pricing jobs and marketing.
  • Access to network of applicators.
  • Discounted material prices.
  • Create your own bespoke finishes.
  • Flooring Marmorino [advanced course only].


Training & Application Gallery

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Specialist Training Locations

  • Walleffects N Ireland
  • Carte Blanche Perth Scotland
  • The Paint School London Central London (Tadelakt and Flooring only)
  • Manchester - Coming soon

  • Why our Stucco Italiano courses differ from others.

    Stucco Italiano offer excellent courses in the application of all our products. Our courses differ from other providers as they are conducted only by very experienced craftsmen.


    There seems to be confusion in the market at the moment on correct methods of how to apply polished plaster with many instructors having no more experience than doing sample boards. You can rest assured the Stucco Italiano training experience will put you on the right track. Our instructors are very experienced, working hands on with all the products over many 1000s of meters and in various countries throughout the world. We will teach you how to achieve the best from the material and how to adapt materials when problems arise.

    Our first level course instructor is an experienced artisan with over 10 year’s on site application experience. Advanced courses will be taken by our mastercraftsman who has 30 years on site application experience. Pease note we reserve the right to change course dates and locations. Deposits are payable on all courses.


    Who can learn?

    In the UK and Ireland many plasterers work with the polished plasters. They are well suited in working with trowels. Through out Europe decorators tend to carry out applications. Decorators are usually more experienced working with colours and in finished environments.



    We have many customers who come from both trades and others who had no trade experience at all. The acquisition of these skills will provide a unique opportunity for you to add an additional skill to your portfolio and become more established as a professional craftsperson. A certificate will be issued on completion of the course.


    Find Out More

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